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It is so difficult to buy gifts for men. Have you all experienced that too? When buying for my darling husband, brother and father I have to keep searching to find the perfect gift.

I think it’s primarily difficult because men tend to keep the things they would like as gifts to themselves. Whereas us ladies make hints about the things we would like to be given.

So when searching for the ideal Christmas gifts for my male family members I came across this super cute company that has a huge selection of fun and quirky gifts just for men.

The Story behind the Gifts  –

The founders of the ‘Men’s Society’ are Hugo & Bella, and here is their story –

“It was 2008. I was living in London doing a very sensible corporate job. When Bella walked into the office and changed the game forever. A girl can do that to a guy. 

Like most relationships in their early stages there was a fair bit of showing off, trying to outdo each other with little gifts. Only Bella was annoyingly good at it.

These gifts ranged from persuading the pizza guy to write ‘get well soon Hottie’ onto the box when I was too ill to leave my flat, a custom made bright yellow umbrella – to stand out against a sea of black ones – to the perfect little grooming kit to accompany a surprise weekend away to Berlin; Bella always nailed it.  Which got us thinking… and in 2012 Men’s Society was born and we put Bella’s gifting skills into action full time.

Like a lot of businesses, ours was founded and created at the kitchen table. Ambitions were dreamt around it, ideas sketched on it and product made at it. The business has grown (along with our family) and we now work with some of the top retailers in the world but we still make everything by hand, in Britain and we’re super proud of that. Although we may have out grown our original table, we still hold the same dreams, drive and attention to detail that we had at that kitchen table all those years ago.”

The Men’s Society offers a huge selection of super cool gifts men will love!

I got the ‘Weekender Wash Kit’ which is such a cool idea! For the man on the go, this must go with him. True explorers pack light. This kit is the perfect size for tucking in his bag while he explores the world – or just visits a friend for the weekend.The products in this kit comply with current hand-luggage regulations on aircraft. It’s the perfect little tin filled with 50ml of the essentials – Shampoo, Body Cleanser, Face Wash and Face Cream. What more could your modern traveller need or want.

Verdict –

If you are looking for the most original gifts for the men or women in your lives this year, look no further. The Men’s Society website will offer you a huge array of quirky original gifts.

Perfect for birthday and Christmas!

Find out more below. Order online. They also have a great selection available at John Lewis!




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The kids are back at school, the summer holidays are well and truly over. But as any parent knows there are many weekends during term time, and kids need to be kept busy!

I will do & buy anything to keep the boys off their tablet computers. I try to get them outdoors as much as possible on bikes & scooters, but living in London, rain is to be expected at anytime. So the ‘Weekend Box’ is a firm favourite.

I have blogged about Weekend Boxes before. They are a fantastic idea & my boys love them! Every two weeks you get a delivery through your door, a fun filled box of great activities to keep your little ones entertained.

So when I found out Weekend Box had teamed up with Snazaroo! I couldn’t wait to see it!

The Product –

Weekend Box create activity boxes for children aged 3-8 delivered right through the post on a fortnightly basis.

They have recently teamed up with leading face paint brand Snazaroo to create a special limited edition face paint for children.


I have two boys aged 9 and recently turned 7! I was worried that face painting was for the ‘younger’ kids, but they both loved it!

It was a beautiful day, we sat in the garden and the boys were kept busy for hours. Painting their faces, arms and using the stamps. So much fun!

We are definately going to be using those paints again. And the best thing is the paints wiped off super easily with wet wipes! So mummy is happy too.

Find out more about the Weekend Box Club on their website below –


It’s great to sit down with the kids and have fun together!xxx

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I am in sunny climates as you all know! Today the weather is extra hot & humid! We have hit 45 degrees celsius!

Breakfast and snacks throughout the day are predominantly made up of fruits. I tend to find in hotter climates the less sweet fruits are more refreshing, and grapefruits are on the top of my list!

Although I love grapefruits they can get messy at times when trying to eat. Especially when you are in a rush and have kids to feed.

Nature’s Finest have come up with a super duper time & mess saving invention! Pre prepared grapefruit segments!

The Product –

The days of making a mess slicing and dicing your own fruit are long gone, as Nature’s Finest introduce a quick and easy way to bring breakfast to life.

The UK’s no.1 potted fruit brand is tantalising taste buds across the country with the launch of new Grapefruit in juice. Packed full of naturally sweet segments, the white grapefruit is in juice and contains no added sugar.

Available in Waitrose from June, the new addition is guaranteed to turn an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.

The 390g grapefruit pots are bursting full of naturally sweet and tangy flavours, perfect as a breakfast topping, whipped up to add a citrus twist to a smoothie or to be enjoyed as it is while sitting out in the sunshine.

Grapefruit is a fantastic source of vitamin C and is designed to strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism, Nature’s Finest Grapefruit a welcome addition for those looking to increase their daily dose of vitamins.

All Nature’s Finest fruits are picked and packed at the peak of ripeness, locking in the all-important vitamins, minerals and naturally sweet taste. Only packed in juice and no added sugar.

The new Nature’s Finest 390g Grapefruit in juice is available now in Waitrose with an RRP of £1.67.


I absolutely loved them!! They have all the yumminess and freshness of grapefruit without the mess!

I added my segments to my homemade yogurt, and a sprinkle of oats for a fantastically refreshing breakfast treat.

Yummy! x