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I am in sunny climates as you all know! Today the weather is extra hot & humid! We have hit 45 degrees celsius!

Breakfast and snacks throughout the day are predominantly made up of fruits. I tend to find in hotter climates the less sweet fruits are more refreshing, and grapefruits are on the top of my list!

Although I love grapefruits they can get messy at times when trying to eat. Especially when you are in a rush and have kids to feed.

Nature’s Finest have come up with a super duper time & mess saving invention! Pre prepared grapefruit segments!

The Product –

The days of making a mess slicing and dicing your own fruit are long gone, as Nature’s Finest introduce a quick and easy way to bring breakfast to life.

The UK’s no.1 potted fruit brand is tantalising taste buds across the country with the launch of new Grapefruit in juice. Packed full of naturally sweet segments, the white grapefruit is in juice and contains no added sugar.

Available in Waitrose from June, the new addition is guaranteed to turn an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.

The 390g grapefruit pots are bursting full of naturally sweet and tangy flavours, perfect as a breakfast topping, whipped up to add a citrus twist to a smoothie or to be enjoyed as it is while sitting out in the sunshine.

Grapefruit is a fantastic source of vitamin C and is designed to strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism, Nature’s Finest Grapefruit a welcome addition for those looking to increase their daily dose of vitamins.

All Nature’s Finest fruits are picked and packed at the peak of ripeness, locking in the all-important vitamins, minerals and naturally sweet taste. Only packed in juice and no added sugar.

The new Nature’s Finest 390g Grapefruit in juice is available now in Waitrose with an RRP of £1.67.


I absolutely loved them!! They have all the yumminess and freshness of grapefruit without the mess!

I added my segments to my homemade yogurt, and a sprinkle of oats for a fantastically refreshing breakfast treat.

Yummy! x

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I am now in sunnier climates, millions of miles away from home, away from the school runs and rainy weather for a few weeks.

Although I do love coffee, lately I have been craving the perfect cup of stong English tea with milk.

When abroad its not always easy to get the right strength or colour to your cup of tea so I do normally take a big box of teabags along with me, which can prove tiresome on shorter trips. Boxes of tea are difficult to keep fresh once opened, and can take up space in small cases.

The English Tea shop has come up with the perfect solution! A handy compact selection of teas to pack in your case for that perfect cup of tea anywhere you go! It’s the size of a small book & super light so will slip right into your handbag.

The Product –

Within a span of few years, English Tea Shop teas have become the perfect partner of the tea drinkers across the globe.

They work with only the finest Organic and Fairtrade farmers from all over the world to produce our special range of teas.

It’s own manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka allows it to rely upon age-old traditions that, for centuries, have been producing the best teas in the world. The harmonious blends and time honored healthy ingredients help the consumers with much needed good health with no compromise in excitement. The teas are handpicked and crafted to deliver the fullest burst of flavor to its customers. The fantastic feedback and the ratings it receives from the consumers are the major drives of the company’s success.

Verdict –

Such a fantastic idea! I drink my tea with milk, and the English breakfast made the perfect cup of tea. Just like one I would have back home.

I cannot wait to try the other wonderful blends in the pack –

Detox tea
Calming tea
Green tea with honey & mint
Chocolate, Roobios & Vanilla
English Tea Shop products are available on Amazon Uk, also in Harrods, WHSmith, Debenhams and other shops. Full details on their lovely website below –


As it says on the box,

“There’s no brew like home” ❤️😋

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This year my darling husband and I will be celebration our 14th Wedding anniversary. Over the past 14 years I have had gifts of jewellery from my husband, but the one piece of jewellery I cherish most is my engagement ring.

An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of your love for each other and in my opinion should be chosen by the bride. It is a very romantic gesture for the groom to choose the ring, but it is the bride who has to wear it and enjoy wearing it for the rest of her life. So either the groom has to very cleverly ask the right questions to find out the bride’s favourite style of ring, or just let the bride choose.

My engagement ring is a round cut sapphire, surrounded by diamonds all mounted on a platinum setting. I fell in love with my ring from the first moment I played eyes on it, and  14 years on it still gives me butterflies when I look at it.

When choosing your ring, be it as an engagement ring, wedding band or a ring to celebrate a special occasion, make sure you look in shops and online. There are so many great online jewellers who offer very reasonable prices and amazing styles.

The Company –

Wonderfully Diamonds prides itself on producing magnificent jewellery in a wide variety of original and stunning styles. With a wealth of experience and supreme artisanal expertise, they can transform your jewellery dream into a sparkling reality.

Wonderfully Diamonds, can provide a vast array of certified diamonds, ranging from 0.3 carats, up to 5 carats. They also offer a variety of cuts to suit every taste – from the popular, timeless Princess or Pear cut, to perhaps something more quirky and completely original. Experts are happy to work with you to design and create a beautiful bespoke wedding ring that will perfectly complement your engagement ring and captivate all who see it. The ‘Wonderfully World of Bespoke Experience’ includes a design consultant who will expertly guide you through the whole process, from choosing the perfect diamond or gemstone to helping you to create a unique piece that embodies your personality and uniqueness. Free of charge, you can view a CAD image of your design. Once you are completely satisfied with the image, they’ll provide you with a free quotation before you commit to ordering.

Verdict –

The Wonderfully Diamonds web site is so easy to use and the product range available is amazing.

Diamond Engagement Rings, Rose Gold Engagement Rings, Platinum Engagement Rings, White Gold Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Rings, Sapphire Engagement Rings, Women & Mens Wedding Rings.

Wonderfully Diamonds launched their e-commerce brand just last week on June 15th.

Sapphires have always been a favourite of mine, I think any girl growing up in the UK had a love for Princess Diana’s beautiful sapphire engagement ring. Deep blue is also my favourite colour.

I am now looking for a sapphire eternity ring to accompany my engagement ring and diamond wedding band. It is very fashionable now to stack rings. Looking on Wonderfully Diamonds website finding my style of eternity ring couldn’t have been easier.

So if you are looking for that special ring or piece of jewellery and are short on time to visit jewellery shops, Wonderfully Diamonds is a great place to shop online –