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After our recent visit to Amsterdam I am still under the city’s bewitched spell!

I am still looking out for all things Amsterdam!

I dont know what it is about the many canals and lovely buildings, but I find the city so breatakingly beautiful.

I came across this wonderful read which I also found out was due to be a blockbuster movie starring my favourite Alicia Vikander.

The Book –

Soon to be a major film starring Oscar winners Alicia Vikander, Christoph Waltz and Dame Judi Dench, and adapted for the screen by Sir Tom Stoppard.

From the bestselling author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel comes a thrilling story of power, lust and deception set in seventeenth-century Amsterdam
Seventeenth-century Amsterdam – a city in the grip of tulip fever.

Sophia’s husband Cornelis is one of the lucky ones grown rich from this exotic new flower.
To celebrate, he commissions a talented young artist to paint him with his beautiful young bride.
 But as the portrait grows, so does the passion between Sophia and the painter; and ambitions, desires and dreams breed an intricate deception and a reckless gamble.

Verdict –

I loved every single page of this book.

After visiting the amazing Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, seeing the priceless paintings by Rembrandt and other great artists, it was wonderful to step back in time to seventeenth-century Amsterdam, to when these portraits and scenes were actually painted.

A book which will transport you back in time.

I cannot wait to see the movie.

Available on Amazon and in all book shops Nationwide.

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My boys are really active boys. They love sports, wrestling and computer games. Of course they enjoy reading but they would much rather be outdoors kicking a football around than any other thing!

But I want them to read more books. I want then to immerse themselves in the pages of a good novel and keep turning the pages until they reach the very end.

They read the books they get from school as homework, but I am always on the search for books they will just adore to read.

So the other day my older son and I came across this wonderful set of books in our local WHSmiths, and they are a winner!

The Books –

Ultimate Football Heroes is a series of biographies telling the life-stories of the biggest and best footballers in the world and their incredible journeys from childhood fan to super-star professional player.

Written in fast-paced, action-packed style these books are perfect for all the family to collect and share.

Verdict –

My son has already read a lot of the books in the series – Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard to name a few. He has told me all about what he has found out. He has got a few more ordered coming soon.

So the key to getting kids to read more is to find books which interest them. Such a great series of books for any football fans out there!

You can buy the series in all good bookshops and on Amazon uk now!

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There are some fantastic movies available to watch on Netflix. We had some very snowy days over the past week and it was a perfect opportunity to look at the movies on Netflix more closely.

I love movies which tell a real story, and this was one of those. Amazing actors, super scenery and a story which is gripping from beginning to the end.

The Movie –

Testament of Youth is a story of love, loss and strength during the first World War. Based on the book Testament of Youth written by Vera Brittain, a true story of her life.

Vera Brittain is an intelligent, strong willed young lady from a well to do family. A loving brother, a handsome fiancee, and a place at Oxford University. Then World War changes everything. The men she loves all head to war, and are all lost one by one.

A true story of strength and courage.

Verdict –

I was extremely touched by this movie.

Alicia Vikander plays Vera Brittain amazingly.

After the movie I googled the real Vera. Such a heartbreaking story.

It is now available to watch on Netflix. Not to be missed! I look forward to reading the book.