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I read an article the other day in Travel & Leisure about travelling with kids. It was an article about why children under a certain age shouldn’t be taken to different and new places on their holidays because they don’t really appreciate it.

According to the psychiatrist in the article, “Extensive travel is wasted on kids.” And I tend to agree.

To be totally honest I think kids want the same things when they travel away from home – a pool, a park, a playground & toys.

We took boys to Copenhagen for the weekend recently, the highlight of the trip for them was the Lego shop & the playground.

Of course this changes as they grow up. My elder son who will be 10 this year now reads up about the country we are due to visit before we leave, he wants to know about it’s history, it’s population and so on. But my younger 6 year old just wants to jump on the bed in the hotel room and get in the nearest pool.

I don’t blame them one bit. Just because I love museums it doesnt mean that they sre going to.

The article continues to say that Dr. Oliver James told The Telegraph that “home-based holidays are what most children really want.” That children prefer to have stability and visit the same place each year rather than a new place each time.

I agree yet again. Rather than spend thousands on exotic holidays to far away destinations that we as adults want to see, why not invest in a holiday home that can be revisited each year to build and make memories. Or even visit the same loved location each year.

I am now at an age where the kids are much easier to travel with. So we are now slowly visiting a different European city each year as a family treat. Its more for my older son than my younger, as he is more eager to visit new cities.

Its fun, not easy, but a two night trip is manageable.

The kids love coming to Antalya each year, same home, same pool, same friends. But as they grow our trips will get more adventurous and hopefully they will gain more from them.

As the article says, “…all kids want is to go back to the same place year after year — although how children process place and adventure changes as they age….”

We have so much to look forward to travelling with kids, there’s no need at all to rush. We have all the time in the world.

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I have never been hugely interested in politics or wars for that matter. Ive always believed that your religious and political views are private and should be kept that way.

However I do love it when a movie comes along which gives you a more personal view of politicians or important historical heads of state. Movies that show us that these strong figureheads who fought wars and won battles also loved and had hearts.

The Movie –

Churchill is one such movie, which shows us the private side of the late great Winston Churchill.

Tensions mount for beleaguered British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as D-Day nears in June 1944.

Fearful of repeating past mistakes, Churchill is reluctant to embark on the large-scale campaign that the entire war effort hinges upon.

Clashing with his political opponents, the troubled leader receives unwavering support from his devoted wife, Clementine.

With strength and shrewdness, she tries to prevent his physical, mental and spiritual collapse while inspiring him to achieve greatness.

Verdict –

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I was a little sceptical at first as it is a political movie. But I was plesantly suprised.

Not only did the movie show us how deeply affected Churchill was by his loss at Gallipoli, it showed us what an important role his wife Clementine played in his life.

The movie made me smile at time, extremely sad at times. It made me realise yet again how lucky we are to be living in a free country without war in our close proximity. And how terrible wars are.

A very educational and thoroughly watchable movie. Brian Cox as Churchill and Miranda Richardson as Clementine are both fantastic.

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I am in sunny climates as you all know! Today the weather is extra hot & humid! We have hit 45 degrees celsius!

Breakfast and snacks throughout the day are predominantly made up of fruits. I tend to find in hotter climates the less sweet fruits are more refreshing, and grapefruits are on the top of my list!

Although I love grapefruits they can get messy at times when trying to eat. Especially when you are in a rush and have kids to feed.

Nature’s Finest have come up with a super duper time & mess saving invention! Pre prepared grapefruit segments!

The Product –

The days of making a mess slicing and dicing your own fruit are long gone, as Nature’s Finest introduce a quick and easy way to bring breakfast to life.

The UK’s no.1 potted fruit brand is tantalising taste buds across the country with the launch of new Grapefruit in juice. Packed full of naturally sweet segments, the white grapefruit is in juice and contains no added sugar.

Available in Waitrose from June, the new addition is guaranteed to turn an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.

The 390g grapefruit pots are bursting full of naturally sweet and tangy flavours, perfect as a breakfast topping, whipped up to add a citrus twist to a smoothie or to be enjoyed as it is while sitting out in the sunshine.

Grapefruit is a fantastic source of vitamin C and is designed to strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism, Nature’s Finest Grapefruit a welcome addition for those looking to increase their daily dose of vitamins.

All Nature’s Finest fruits are picked and packed at the peak of ripeness, locking in the all-important vitamins, minerals and naturally sweet taste. Only packed in juice and no added sugar.

The new Nature’s Finest 390g Grapefruit in juice is available now in Waitrose with an RRP of £1.67.


I absolutely loved them!! They have all the yumminess and freshness of grapefruit without the mess!

I added my segments to my homemade yogurt, and a sprinkle of oats for a fantastically refreshing breakfast treat.

Yummy! x