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As we grow older why is it that our hopes and desires change?

I guess its all part of the cycle called life and  we just have to embrace it.

Lets take our skin for example, who else feels that after the age of forty we need to pay extra special care when cleansing, toning & moisturising? I definately do. Im lucky to be blessed with good skin genes from my darling mother, but even so the fine lines have become more visible.

So I have decided to take more care, not just cleanse, tone & moisture, but go for regular facial treatments with the professionals.

Japanese Face Massage @ Skin Aspirations in Draycott Avenue, London

Japanese Face Massage aims to rejuvenate the face, preventing and reducing the impact of the ageing process. It visibly improves the appearance of the skin, provides brightness and a more uniform tone, reduces eye bags, prevents and reduces wrinkles. Japanese Face Massage is also known as the “facelift without surgery.”

The combination of energising, delicate and sensitive techniques, applied in a subtle, quick and rhythmic way, induces deep relaxation effect. After a Japanese Face Massage session, you will feel rested, relaxed, with a clear mind, just as after a restful sleep. Therefore this massage is considered a very effective technique to reduce stress.

Both men and women of all ages can benefit from Japanese Face Massage.

Verdict –

If anyone is wanting to give me a gift that will guarentee happiness inside & out, this is it!

I cannot begin to describe the utter state of nirvana I was in during and after my treatment.

Based in a beautiful part of central London, between South Kensington & Kings Road, Skin Aspirations is based in a top floor room of a typical London town house. As soon as you arrive you feel relaxed, Simona is the owner and therapist, and all I can say is that she has an extremely calming presence and she has magical hands!

The treatment lasted 1 hour, starting with a foot & leg rub, Simona slowly worked her magic into my tired skin. The Japanese facial aims to work your skin with small massage movements to ensure the skin cells are awoken and brought to life.

Simona used a gel based massage cream as oils are too slippery and do not allow the hands to work properly.

What I loved most about this facial is that you get the therapist’s 100% attention throughout the whole treatment. It is not like other facials where a cleansing treatment is applied, then a mask put on, then the therapist leaves you for 15mins. Simona’s magical hands massaged all parts of my face and neck for a full 1hour.

I must admit I fell into a deep sleep at one point through my treatment, a much needed winters rest. But at the end of my massage my skin felt fresh, taut amd rejuvenated. Something no cream alone can do. Now I fully understand why Japanese ladies have such great skin! Its all in the massage technique, how you put on the cream.

So all I can say is if you want to treat the lady, or gentleman, in your life to something extra special this Christmas get her a Japanese Facial with Simona @ Skin Aspirations! Believe me you will make them very, very happy indeed!

Simona is kindly offering my readers a special discount to her wonderful treatment.

Simply quote “Japan” & you will get 25% off the Japanese face massage if you book a treatment before 25 Dec 2017. 

Find out more on the Skin Aspirations website below, to make a booking call or email Simona on –

Phone: 07473242110

E-mail: hello@skinaspirations.co.uk


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