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I have been blogging for over 2 years now! Time truly flies when you are having fun!

Over these two years I have been lucky enough to juggle motherhood and do what I love best – write. I review products, review books, review movies, review beauty products, share recipes, give tips on parenting, tips on gardening, tips on being a mother.

I have also been lucky enough to meet the most wonderful people from all walks of life, some of whom have become friends for life.

What I love about social media and technology in general is how it has given me the freedom to reach out to the world from the comfort of my own home. Despite the restrictions of school runs, kids clubs, homework, cooking, cleaning.

But where will blogging be in 5 to 10 years time? This was a question posed to me by the Innovation Company who are conducting a study into the views of bloggers on the future of blogging. A question which I have been pondering over and here are my views.

Will ‘bloggers’ still be around in 5-10 years time?

In short yes. I believe they will be around, but what will they look like? I believe this is a more important viewpoint.

I believe they will look very unlike what we see today (especially on the 10 year horizon) and even on the shorter timescale. Technology is moving so quickly and becoming so prevalent, especially among the young, that what we categorise, or even pigeonhole as ‘Blogging’ will be second nature to these new generations. It will be their ‘communication’ means in most cases.

We are already seeing ‘Vlogging’ shoot up the ranks. With Video Blogging accounting for increasing percentages of the overall Blogs created year in year out. This will only increase. There will then come a time when written blogs become old fashioned.

People are so short of time these days. Everyone is in a mad rush to get more information in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Even today I get requests from my followers to do a video blog of my recipes so they can watch and copy them, as they just don’t have the time to read and digest the information.

There may even come a time when ‘holograms’ are projected into the home of the follower to actually demonstrate things to them. So for example, someone wanting to create one of my recipes would be able to have a laser hologram of me in their own kitchen demonstrating the recipe for them to follow. Almost like a cookery lesson in your own home. How cool would that be?

Will WordPress still be King in 5 to 10 years?

I use WordPress like many other bloggers, not only is it convenient, it is free. One of the most important factors for us very underpaid bloggers.

I believe WordPress will be around, but it is unlikely to be ‘King’. There are just too many new sites, technologies and mechanisms rising for people to easily produce content, especially now there is video based content. Take Twitter with ‘Moments’ or Instagram with ‘Stories’. These are the Blogs of the future and come as second nature for people who are online.

So WordPress needs to act and act very fast to keep up.

Podcasts will be there but will they necessarily take over blogging?

I’m not so sure.Β I think Video is the key. And YouTube/Twitter/Instagram are the Blogging giants for the future, and of course Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

The ultimate question though, when we think of Blogs in the Year 2020 say, is which technologies we can not yet consider? Take Artificial Intelligence (AI) for example. There is increasing examples of parts of article creation being automated, especially in the Finance sector. How long before we have whole editorials created by a Machine, this could also replace blogging.

Already the Art of writing itself is being automated. Take www.grammarly.com as an example. How many newsroom journalists or exam ready University students are putting their coursework through these very low cost (sometimes free) online check tools? How long before AI is not just checking but suggesting and even creating these new Blogs?

Did you know that AI can predict your personality traits better than your spouse or partner, your friend, even your family? That’s one of the key insights shared just last week at Pegaworld in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

So what will stop AI from reviewing products, demonstrating recipes and so on.

How will the future of blogging affect me – The Mummy Blogger?

Well in the short term not hugely. I am a mummy, babies will continue to be born, they will poop and need to be fed and cleaned like babies today. And mummies & daddies will look upon other mummies and daddies for tips and advice. So bloggers will always be needed. As long as robots cannot give birth to babies, mummy bloggers will need to be human.

The question is how can technology help get this information from the bloggers to the followers in the quickest and most efficient way? This is where technology comes in. So Video Blogs, Robots, Holograms. All ways in which bloggers – the human touch in getting reviews, information, tips across – can reach the information thirsty followers.


In conclusion I believe the strength and power of bloggers will continue to grow. Blogging is not a fad or a trend that will sizzle out, it is a trend that is growing and will continue to grow over the years.

Technology will help bloggers to get more hi tech, to utilise tolls more efficiently, to get information out quicker.

I believe the next 10 years will see the growth of Vloggers, Bloggers and Robots – all working together as one.

I have written this as part of Innovation Company’s study of what bloggers see as the future of blogging.


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  1. Great, positive article! Reassuring to know that 2 years on and you still love blogging.

    • Yasemin Wilson says:

      Thank you so much! I have learnt so much over the past two years and watching my blog grow and getting positive feedback makes it all worthwhile xxx

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